Are there specific prerequisite coursework or degree requirements?

​​Competitive applicants demonstrate strong quantitative, qualitative, and writing skills in the form of coursework, standardized test scores, and research and/or work experience relevant to your intended field of study. All applications are reviewed holistically. Specific program requirements:

  • Biostatistics:
    • ​​Master's Applicants (AM or ScM): Three semesters of calculus, one semester of linear algebra, and at least one semester of probability. The AM and ScM programs require the same coursework, however, the ScM program includes a project or thesis.
    • PhD Applicants: Three semesters of calculus and advanced undergraduate courses in linear algebra and probability.
  • Clinical and Translational Research applicants (Certificate or ScM) must be physicians, doctorally-trained basic scientists, or students in doctoral programs or medical school.