Causal Inference

Randomized clinical trials are the gold standard for estimating the effects of interventions. However, in many studies in medicine, epidemiology and public health, randomized trials may suffer from unintended complications or are infeasible because of financial, ethical or logistical considerations. For example, randomized trials may suffer from complications, such as low adherence to the intervention, modification of the intervention over time, and unequal follow-up time. Dr. Gutman has been developing statistical methods to address these issues. Another example arises when investigating the effects of interventions in non-randomized settings. These interventions were not randomized and the assignment to intervention is confounded with the outcomes. Dr. Hogan, Dr. Liu and Dr. Gutman are developing statistical methods to estimate the effect of interventions in observational studies while adjusting for confounding. 

Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou

Roee Gutman

Joseph Hogan

Tao Liu

George Papandonatos

Christopher Schmid





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