Exposure to Toxic Metals, Essential Metals and their Interaction on the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The U.S. National Toxicological Program (NTP) recently recommended further research on the relationship between environmental exposures and type 2 diabetes (T2D) and recent data linking heavy metals to T2D risk, while tantalizing, is far from establishing causality. Utilizing the resources collected from an on-going prospective cohort study, we propose to conduct a nested case-control study to comprehensively investigate if heavy metal exposures increase T2D risk and to determine if the diabetic effects of toxic metals can be mitigated by essential metals, and the optimal body levels of essential metals that could reduce T2D risk from toxic metals. The results from the study will help to establish appropriate interventions to prevent T2D.

George Papandonatos Staff 1 Research Assistant i

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