Innovative Approaches to Examine Post-Acute Care Outcomes of Older Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury

There is little information available on the predictors of long-term outcomes of older patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Without this information, clinical decision-making and discharge planning will continue to be limited, thereby preventing ideal patient-centered, cost-effective, and appropriate care for older patients with TBI. The objective of this application is to merge multiple sources of valuable data to examine predictors of meaningful outcomes, particularly functional and cognitive improvement and the ability to return home following post-acute (PAC) rehabilitative care, among older patients age 65+ years with TBI. The rationale that underlies this proposed research is that an understanding of predictors of improvement in physical and cognitive function, PAC therapies provided to patients, and subsequent healthcare utilization and outcomes could impact care for older patients with TBI.

Roee Gutman Staff 1 Research Assistant i

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