Methods for Health Services & Outcomes Research

Health Services Research (HSR) is a field in public health that investigates the how social factors, policies, insurance systems, organizational structures and processes, health technologies, and personal behaviors influence access, quality and cost of health care. When HSR studies involves comparison of interventions, these studies are sometimes referred to as comparative effectiveness studies. Studies in HSR commonly involve data sources that are not collected for research purposes (e.g. claims, electronic health records (EHR), etc.). Thus, they may suffer from complexities that are mitigated in well-designed prospective studies. For example, EHR may suffer from missing values because patients change their providers. Identifying patient chronic condition may be recorded inaccurately in claims data when a condition does not affect payments. Statistical methods to address these complexities attempt to obtain accurate and precise estimates. Dr. Hogan, Dr. Gatsonis, Dr. Liu, Dr. Steingrimsson and Dr. Gutman develop various methods to address different complexities that arise in such studies.

Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou

Ilana Gareen

Roee Gutman

Christopher Schmid


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