N-of-1 Studies

N-of-1 trials are randomized multi-crossover experiments conducted on a single individual in order to determine the personalized relative efficacy of two or more treatments measured repeatedly over time. Prof. Schmid and a team of graduate students are developing time series and multilevel methods and software for the design and analysis of single trials as well as the meta-analysis of a series of N-of-1 trials that can estimate both individual and population level effects. The group has served as the analytic hub for several large federally and non-federally funded studies using the N-of-1 framework. These include alternative treatments for chronic pain,  diets for inflammatory bowel disease, triggers of atrial fibrillation and behavioral interventions for anxiety and stress. The group is collaborating with other Brown scientists to develop a mobile app that can flexibly setup, run and analyze and interpret data from one or more N-of-1 trials.

Christopher Schmid

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