Fenghai Duan receives award from RIH for a 5-year R01 from NIA


Fenghai Duan, Ph.D. Brown University Associate Professor of Biostatistics will lead a subaward from Rhode Island Hospital and National Institute of Aging. The project is titled  “Longitudinal validation of retinal biomarkers against cerebral biomarkers in the Atlas of Retinal Imaging in Alzheimer's Study (ARIAS)".

Project summary:
This subcontract provides support for establishing and operating a Biostatistics Core for the study in response to a R01 opportunity “Research on Current Topics in Alzheimer's Disease and Its Related Dementias”. The objective of this study is to develop a multi-site, longitudinal study to validate retinal biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease against reference standard brain imaging biomarkers (amyloid PET, MRI). The Biostatistics Core based at Brown University will provide methodological expertise and leadership in the design, development and implementation of the ARIAS study.