Jean Cormack, PhD


PhD in Plant Breeding, Iowa State University, 1997
MS in Plant Breeding and Cytogenetics, Iowa State University, 1987
BA in Music, Tufts University, 1980

Recent Publications: 
Orkaby, AR, Kelly, C, Cormack, J, Gagnon, D, Driver, JA.  2017.  Metformin vs Sulfonylurea
    Use and Risk of Dementia in US Veterans Aged > 65 Years with Diabetes.
    Neurology 89:1–9.   

Feng YA, Cho K, Lindstrom S, Kraft P1, Cormack J; IGAP Consortium, Colorectal      
    Transdisciplinary Study (CORECT); Discovery, Biology, and Risk of Inherited Variants in        
    Breast Cancer (DRIVE); Elucidating Loci Involved in Prostate Cancer Susceptibility 
    ELLIPSE);   Transdisciplinary Research in Cancer of the Lung (TRICL), Liang L, Driver JA.  
    2017.  Investigating the genetic relationship between Alzheimer's disease and cancer 
    using GWAS summary statistics.  Human Genetics. 10.1007/s00439-017-1831-6.  

Stillman, AE, Gatsonis, C, Lima, JAC, Black, WC, Cormack, J, Gareen, I, Hoffmann, U, Liu, T,  
    Mavromatis, K, Schnall, MD, Udelson, JE, Woodard, PK.  2016.  Rationale and Design of the  
    Randomized Evaluation of Patients with Stable Angina Comparing Utilization of 
    Noninvasive  Examinations (RESCUE) Trial. Am Heart J (179):19-28.

Kostakoglu, L, Duan, F, Idowu, MO, Jolles, PR, Bear, HD, Muzi, M, Cormack, J, Muzi, JP,
    Pryma, DA, Specht, JM, Hovanessian-Larsen, L, Miliziano, J, Mallett, S, Shields, AF, 
    Mankoff, DA.  2015. A Phase II Study of [(18)F]-3'Deoxy-3'-Fluorothymidine Positron 
    Emission Tomography (FLT-PET) in The Asessment of Early Response of Breast Cancer to
    Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: Results From ACRIN 6688.  J Nucl Med. 56(11):1681-1689. 

Barr, RG, Zhang, Z, Cormack, JB, Mendeleson, EB, Berg, WA.  2013.  Probably Benign Lesions 
    on Screening Breast Sonography:  Prevalence and Rate of Malignancy in the ACRIN 6666  
    Trial.  Radiology 269(3):701-712.
Berg,WA, Zhang, Z, Cormack, JB, Mendelson, EB.  2013.  Multiple Bilateral Circumscribed 
    Masses on Screening Breast Ultrasound:  Consider Annual Follow-up.  Radiology 
    268(3):673- 683. 

Berg, WA, Blume, JD, Cormack, JB, Mendelson, EB.  2012. Training the ACRIN 6666 
    Investigators:  Effects of Feedback on Breast Ultrasound Interpretive Performance and    
    Agreement in BI-RADS Ultrasound Feature Analysis.  AJR 199:224-235.

Berg, WA, Zhang, Z, Lehrer, D, Jong, RA, Pisano, ED, Barr, RG, Böhm-Vélez, M, Mahoney, 
    MC, Evans III, WP, Larsen, LH, Morton, MJ, Mendelson, EB, Farria, DM, Cormack, JB, 
    Marques, HS, Adams, A, Yeh, NM, and Gabrielli, G, for the ACRIN 6666 Investigators.  
    2012.   Detection of Breast Cancer with Addition of Annual Screening Ultrasound or a 
    Single Screening MRI to Mammography in Women with Elevated Breast Cancer Risk. 
    JAMA 307:1394-1404.

Weinreb, JC, Blume, JD, Coakley, FV, Wheeler, TM, Cormack, JB.  2009.  Prostate Cancer: 
    Sextant Localization at MR Imaging and MR Spectroscopic Imaging before Prostatectomy     Results of ACRIN Prospective Multi-institutional Clinicopathologic Study.  Radiology

Berg, WA, Blume JD, Cormack, JB, Mendelson, EB, Lehrer, D, Bohm-Velez, M, Pisano, 
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    RG, Farria, D, Marques, HS, Boparai, K and the ACRIN 6666 Investigators, 2008. 
    Combined Screening with Ultrasound and Mammography Compared to Mammography  
    Alone:  Results of the First-Year Screen in ACRIN 6666.  JAMA 299(18):2151-2163.

Pisano, ED, Hendrick, ER, Yaffe, MJ, Baum, JK, Acharyya, S, Cormack, JB, Hanna, LA, 
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    Gatsonis, CA, on behalf of the Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (DMIST) 
    Investigators Group.  2008.   Diagnostic Accuracy of Digital versus Film Mammography: 
    Exploratory Analysis of Selected Population Subgroups in DMIST.  Radiology 
    246: 376-383.

Cooper, JS, Mukherji, SK, Toledano, AY, Beldon, C, Schmalfuss, IM, Amdur, R, Sailer, S,
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    and Characterization in a Breast Ultrasound Phantom:  Results of the ACRIN 6666 
    Investigators.  Radiology 239:693-702.

Cormack, Jean and Peter A. Peterson.  1994.  Gene Marker Loss Induced by the  
    Transposable Element, En, in Maize.  Genetics 136:1151-1156.

Cormack, JB, Cox, DF, Peterson PA.  1988.  Presence of the Transposable 
     Element Uq in Maize Breeding Material.  Crop Science 28:941-944.