Core Courses

CTR Certificate Core Requirements

Students in the Clinical and Translational Research Certificate are required to complete the following core course requirements:

Research Methods

Students must successfully complete one of the following three courses:

  • Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research (PHP2120) OR
  • Foundations in Epidemiologic Research Methods (PHP 2150) OR
  • Research Methods in Behavioral Science (PHP 2300) 

Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis

Students must successfully complete both of the following two courses*:

  • Biostatistics and Data Analysis I (PHP 2507)
  • Biostatistics and Data Analysis II (PHP 2508)
     Prerequisites: understanding of basic math concepts and terms.  PHP2507 is offered in the fall and PHP2508 is offered in the spring.  The courses must be completed in the same academic year.

*There is another biostatistics course sequence offered by the Department of Biostatistics at Brown (PHP2510 and PHP2511).  If students are interested in that sequence they should discuss this well in advance with the CTR Academic Oversight Committee, as their permission is required prior to beginning the course.

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