Students are expected to work closely with their academic advisor to determine the most appropriate electives for their individual educational plan and career goals. The following electives may be of interest for students in the M.S. in Clinical and Translational Research. All of these electives must be approved by each student’s academic advisor to ensure that the elective is appropriate for the individual student.

• PHP 1100 - Comparative Health Care Systems

• PHP 2019 - Measurement Issues in Health Care

• PHP 2060 - Qualitative Methods in Health Research

• PHP 2180 - Interpretation and Application of Epidemiology

• PHP 2200 -Intermediate Methods in Epidemiologic Research

• PHP 2220B - Nutritional Epidemiology

• PHP 2340 - Behavioral and Social Science Theory for Health Promotion

• PHP 2400 -The US Health Care System

• PHP 2430 - Analysis of Population Based Datasets

• PHP 2440 - Pharmacoepidemiology

• PHP 2450 - Measuring and Improving the Quality of Health Care

• PHP2465A -  Intro to Health Decision Analysis

• PHP2561/BIOL1555 - Informatics and Data Science for Health

• PHP 2980 - Graduate Independent Study and Thesis Research

• ENGN 2910G - Topics in Translational Research and Technology


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