Aaron Drucker, MD

Aaron Drucker MD.jpg“If you really want to do research well, you should seek specific training in research. I felt like I needed that if I wanted to really make an impact. My mentored research experience has been excellent, and it’s been really nicely complemented by the CTR Program course work, and the mentorship that you get through the School of Public Health.”

Aaron Drucker, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology (Research)
ScM in Clinical and Translational Research

Dr. Drucker is a board-certified dermatologist and a clinical investigator in the Department of Dermatology in Brown’s Alpert Medical School. He received his MD from Queen's University in Ontario and completed his residency at the University of Toronto. He joined the Brown faculty in 2015 and leads the Department of Dermatology's clinical and epidemiologic research efforts in atopic dermatitis. His primary focus is on comorbidities and burden of disease of atopic dermatitis.

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