Certificate Electives

November 22, 2016

Students must complete one additional course from the list of approved elective courses for the Certificate Program in Clinical and Translational Research.  The list of currently approved courses is provided below.  The Clinical and Translational Research Academic Oversight Committee will review the approved elective list on an annual basis and make changes as indicated.  Students wishing to take an elective not on the approved list must receive permission from the Program Director prior to taking the course.

PHP1854, The Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases (Spring)

PHP1920, Social Determinants of Health Epidemiology of Chronic Disease (Spring)

PHP1964, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention

PHP2019, Measurement Issues in Health Care (Spring)

PHP2030, Clinical Trials Methodology  (Fall)

PHP2040, Survey Research Methods (Spring)

PHP2060, Qualitative Methods in Health Research (Spring)

PHP2090, Scientific Writing in Public Health (Fall)

PHP2180, Critical Epidemiology (Spring)

PHP2200, Intermediate Methods in Epidemiologic Research (Spring)

PHP2210, Epidemiology of Chronic Disease  

PHP2220b, Nutritional Epidemiology

PHP2220C, Perinatal Epidemiology

PHP2220H, The Epidemiology, Treatment and Prevention of HIV

PHP2340, Behavioral and Social Science Theory for Health Promotion (Fall)

PHP2360, Designing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions (Spring)

PHP2385, Local and Global Community Engagement to Reduce Health Disparities

PHP2410E Medicare: A Data Based Policy Examination (Fall)

PHP2415, Introduction to Evidenced Based Medicine  (Spring)

PHP2430, Analysis of Population Based Datasets (Spring)

PHP2440, Introduction to Pharmacoepidemiology  (Spring)

PHP2450, Measuring and Improving the Quality of Health Care (Fall)