MPH Electives

MPH students may register for core courses and approved electives throughout their course of study. However, students should not restrict themselves to these courses. Additional courses at Brown University and the Medical School may count toward the MPH degree, with approval.  Please note that students can register twice for PHP2980, Graduate Independent Study/Thesis Research, for the thesis work.  

Fall Courses

PHP 1070, The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries 

PHP 1100, Comparative Health Care Systems 
(If not taken to fulfill core requirement)

PHP1350, Prisoner Health Inside Out 

PHP 1540, Alcohol Use and Misuse

PHP 1560/2560, Statistical Computing with R

PHP 1680I, Pathology to Power: Disability, Health and Community 

PHP1710, Climate Change and Human Health 

PHP 1920, Social Determinants of Health

PHP1994, Case Studies in Maternal and Child Health 

PHP 1999, Public Health Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies

PHP2018, Epidemiology of Cardio-Metabolic Health

PHP2025, Ethics of Global Public Health Engagement 

PHP 2030, Clinical Trials Methodology 

PHP 2090, Scientific Writing in Public Health 

PHP2118, Genomics Epidemiology

PHP 2170, Injury As A Public Health Problem 

PHP 2220B, Nutritional Epidemiology 

PHP2222, Genetics, Human Population and Diseases 

PHP2250, Advanced Quantitative Methods in Epidemiologic Research 

PHP 2300, Research Methods in Behavioral Science 

PHP 2325, Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities 

PHP 2340, Behavioral and Social Science Theory for Health Promotion 

PHP 2370, Etiology of Substance Use Disorders 

PHP2390, Quantitative Methods for Behavioral And Social Sciences Intervention Research 

PHP2425, Doing Public Health: Getting It Done in the Real World 

PHP2436, Conflicting Priorities: Prescription Profits & the Public’s Health

PHP 2410E, Medicare: A Data Based Policy Examination 

PHP 2440, Intro to Pharmacoepidemiology 

PHP2445, Minding the Gap:  The U.S. Healthcare Safety Net

PHP 2450, Quality Measurement and Improvement in Health Care 

PHP2465A, Intro to Health Decision Analysis

PHP 2510, Principles of Biostatistics and Data Analysis 

PHP2520, Statistical Inference I 

PHP2550, Practical Data Analysis 

PHP2560, Introduction to Statistical Computing

PHP 2601, Linear and Generalized Linear Models 

PHP 2602, Analysis of Lifetime Data 

PHP2610, Causal Inference and Missing Data 

PHP2980, Graduate Independent Study and Thesis Research (Full Credit) 

PHP 2985, MPH Independent Study for Thesis Preparation and Research (Half Credit) 

PLCY1700K, Health Policy Challenges

BIOL2860, Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease  

ECON 1360, Health Economics  

SOC 1550, Sociology of Medicine 

SOC2612, Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences 

SOC 2960G, Spatial Data Analysis Techniques in the Social Sciences

Spring Courses

PHP1500, Global Health Nutrition 

PHP 1530, Case Studies in Public Health: The Role of Governments, Communities and the Professions 

PHP1600, Obesity in the 21st Century: Causes, Consequences and Countermeasures 

PHP1610, Tobacco, Disease and the Industry: cigs, e-cigs and more 

PHP 1680N, Tobacco, Smoking, and the Evil Empire 

PHP1802S, Human Security, Response

PHP1854, The Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Disease 

PHP1900, Epidemiology of Disorders and Diseases of Childhood and Young Adulthood

PHP1964, Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention 

PHP 2060, Qualitative Methods in Health Research 

PHP 2080, Public Health Law and Ethics

PHP 2130, Human Biology for Epidemiology 

PHP 2180, Interpretation and Application of Epidemiology 

PHP 2200, Advanced Methods in Epidemiologic Research

PHP2220C, Perinatal Epidemiology 

PHP2220E, Topics in Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology 

PHP2223, Statistical Genetics 

PHP 2230, Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 

PHP 2310, Physical Activity and Public Health 

PHP 2330, Behavioral and Social Approaches to HIV Prevention 

PHP 2350, Economics of Medical Therapies: Health Policy and Practice 

PHP 2360, Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions 

PHP2365, Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations 

PHP 2380, Health Communication 

PHP 2415, Introduction to Evidence-based Medicine 

PHP2429, Medicine, Public Health, Law and Policy 

PHP 2430, Analysis of Population Based Datasets 

PHP 2400, The U.S. Health Care System: Case Studies in Financing, Delivery, Regulation and Public Health 
(If not taken to fulfill core requirement)

PHP2490, Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology 

PHP 2501, Introduction to Multivariate Regression 

PHP 2511, Applied Regression Analysis 

PHP2530, Bayesian Statistical Methods 

PHP2580, Statistical Inference II 

PHP 2603, Analysis of Longitudinal Data 

PHP 2980, Graduate Independent Study and Thesis Research (Full Credit) 

PHP 2985, MPH Independent Study for Thesis Preparation and Research (Half Credit) 

PHP2690A, Advanced Topics in Biostatistics 

PHP2690F, Statistical Computing 

BIOL1820, Environmental Health and Disease 

PLCY2710, GIS and Public Policy

Summer Courses