MPH Overview of Degree Requirements

All students in the program take core courses designed to develop analytical skills and knowledge in key areas of public health. In addition, each student works with an advisor to plan electives, an internship placement, and the development of a thesis. Students have the option of participating in one of six specialty tracks (Behavioral and Social Sciences; Biostatistics; Environmental Health; Epidemiology; Global Health; Health Services) or completing the Generalist Track.

To receive the MPH degree at Brown, students are required to successfully complete thirteen courses (this includes an internship) and complete a thesis. Full-time students typically take 6 courses in their first year, and 7 courses in the second year (this includes the Public Health/Community Service Internship).  Students who have taken graduate level health related courses prior to enrolling in the MPH may be eligible to reduce the number of required electives to be taken at Brown by 4.  Requests for reduced course loads, including the syllabus and transcript for the courses taken, must be made by June 15th prior to enrolling in the MPH Program.  Courses taken as part of an undergraduate program will not be considered.  Requests will also be subject to Brown University rules and Registrar approval.

Students in our program learn public health by doing public health. The internship provides a practical, real-world setting in which to see the theoretical concepts learned in class being applied. We strive to place students in settings related to issues about which they are passionate – be it a community organization for the elderly, the Department of Health’s lead poisoning prevention task force, or one of Brown’s nationally recognized public health research centers.