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Listed below is a sampling of some of the courses offered by the School of Public Health. Explore courses on Diversity, Global Health, Environmental Health, and Health Data Science below. For a complete list of all Public Health courses visit Courses@Brown and search PHP.


PHP1070 The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries Stephen McGarvey
PHP1100 Comparative Health Care Systems Omar Galarraga
PHP1680I Pathology to Power: Disability, Health and Community 
Sarah Skeels
PHP1680U Intersectionality and Health Inequities Jennifer Nazareno
PHP1920 Social Determinants of Health 
Eric Loucks 
 Place Matters: Exploring Community-Level Contexts on Health Behaviors, Outcomes and Disparities
 Akilah Dulin Keita
PHP2365 Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations Don Operario

The following courses provide methodological approaches to studying health disparities and other issues related to diversity and inclusion: 
PHP0850 Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PHP2018 Epidemiology of Cardio-Metabolic Health

PHP2040 Applied Research Methods
PHP2120 Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research
PHP2150 Foundations in Epidemiologic Research Methods
PHP2360 Designing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions 
Applied Regression Analysis

Global Health

PHP1070 The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries Stephen McGarvey
PHP1400 HIV/AIDS in Africa: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Support HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Programs Medeva Ghee 
PHP1500 Global Health Nutrition Stephen McGarvey 
PHP1802S Human Security and Humanitarian Response: Increasing Effectiveness & Accountability Adam Levine
PHP2025  Including the Excluded: Global Health Ethics Caroline Kuo
PHP2480 Selected Topics in Global Health Economics Omar Galarraga

Environmental Health

PHP1700 Current Topics in Environmental Health Karl Kelsey
PHP1710 Climate Change and Human Health Greg Wellenius 
PHP2220E Topics in Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology Joseph Braun 

Health Data Science

PHP2550 Practical Data Analysis Christopher Schmid
PHP2560 Statistical Computing I Adam Sullivan
PHP2561 Programming for Health Data Science 
Neil Sarkar and Elizabeth Chen
PHP2570 Health Data Science Case Studi‚Äčes Constantine Gatsonis 
PHP2610 Causal Inference & Missing Data
Joseph Hogan
PHP2620 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
Zhijin Wu
PHP2650 Statistical Learning and Big Data
Xi Luo