Student Stories

Kelly Sanchez - MPH

"When beginning my MPH at Brown last year I knew that I wanted to do something related to reducing health disparities. This past January, I started working with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) in the Overdose Prevention Program. At first I was a little intimidated because a lot of the work involves epidemiology, which isn’t my direct focus, but it has been a truly fantastic experience." read more about Kelly's internship

Cat Nwachukwu - MPH

"To me, public health is the intersection of health and social justice. It’s a field that seeks to address health disparities that have pervasive effects on the lived experiences of people. I want to work in public health so that I can address some of these disparities, especially in the lives of adolescents." read more about Cat's internship experience

Ashleigh LoVette - BSHS PhD

"This experience abroad helped me to see that although there are numerous challenges, there are also many rewards. For someone who hopes to cultivate a career including international research, experiences like these are essential for both professional and personal development.” read more about Ashleigh's work in South Africa

Sarah Eltinge - Public Health/Statistics Undergraduate

When Sarah Eltinge arrived at Brown she thought she’d study biology and work her way toward medical school. Then she took the two introductory Public Health courses “because people on my freshman floor were taking those classes.” What she learned in Intro to Public Health and Health Care in the US changed her trajectory. “I realized you can analyze things at the population level, and take that perspective to start answering some really big important questions.” Sarah became a Public Health and Statistics double concentrator and found she could apply her math and computational skills to real world health problems. Problems like alcohol use disorder.  read more about Sarah's award-winning thesis project

Reuben Horace - MPH

"In March of 2014, various news outlets published headlines reporting the spread of the Ebola virus to Western Africa, most heavily in Liberia. I witnessed videos and pictures of the community that raised me being crippled by the uncertainty of life. I knew I couldn’t just wait and hope the issue would resolve itself. This was the community that raised me and I was determined to make a difference." continue reading for more about Reuben's research and internship project

Elliott Liebling - AB/MPH

“There are opportunities at the School of Public Health to get involved with research as an undergrad that you don’t find at many other schools. As a junior I was involved in the day-to-day running of a major research project. That's been the most fulfilling part of my education at Brown.” read more about Elliott's research

Maurice Hajjar - MD/MPH

“Working with Dr. Ranney during this internship experience has allowed me to really hone the skills I’m learning through my MPH coursework, especially those pertaining to research methods and data analysis. It’s also providing extremely valuable insight into the extraordinarily complex logistics of successfully managing a project of this nature, a ‘hidden curriculum’ that I wouldn’t have been able to learn from without this internship opportunity." read more about Maurey's internship

Ashley Lowery - BSHS ScM

“Brown University has provided me with a great network of people; I have tons of resources, and get to work with the best researchers in their field.” read about Ashley's thesis project

John McHugh - HSR PhD

"An organization is only as good as its people, and the School of Public Health and the Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice have some of the most supportive and encouraging people (faculty, support staff, students) I have experienced in my career. " read more about John's dissertation