Public Health Concentration

Public Health is an interdisciplinary concentration that examines: patterns of, and explanations for, population health and disease; health policy; cross-cultural and international aspects of health; the organizational and social structures through which health services are delivered/received; and the public health system. Courses in the concentration allow students to explore the ways in which the social, political, behavioral and biological sciences contribute to the understanding of national and international health care systems, resource allocation, and the distribution of health and disease. 

There are 11 course requirements for all concentrators, plus 2 independent studies (PHP1980) for those pursuing Honors, a senior seminar (PHP1910) for those who aren't. Beginning with the Class of 2020, there will be an additional Humanities/Fine Arts course requirement.

The concentration also provides students with courses in basic research methods and statistics necessary for problem solving and critical thinking in the emerging emphasis on evidence-based health care and public health.

The Public Health concentration is relevant for students with career interests in public health, disease prevention and health promotion, health policy and epidemiology, clinical health care delivery, health care administration, international health, and health law. Find out what our recent graduates are doing here.