Environmental Health

Faculty, fellows, students, and staff affiliated with CEHT lead research across a wide spectrum of topics related to environmental health. 

  • Climate, Communities, & Health – Dr. Gregory Wellenius leads research focused on assessing the human health impacts of the physical and built environment, including air pollution, noise pollution, other features of our physical environment, and the health threats posed by a changing climate. The goal of his team's research is to provide the evidence base needed to ensure that our communities are resilient, sustainable, and healthy. 
  • Children’s Environmental Health – Dr. Joseph Braun leads research on the adverse health effects of early life exposure to environmental chemicals. He is particularly interested in how environmental chemical exposures in utero and childhood impact neurodevelopment and cardiometabolic risk.
  • Environmental Health in China – Dr. Tongzhang Zheng currently investigates the relationships between environmental exposures and health in China where the range and diversity of environmental exposures provides a robust setting for studying environmental health effects.
  • Molecular Epidemiology and Epigenetics – Dr. Karl Kelsey is a pioneer in the development of molecular cancer epidemiology and epigenomics. His current research focuses on the use of epigenomic methods to develop immunomethylomics, a new field applying immune biomarkers to epidemiology.

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