Social Determinants

Current Projects

  • New England Family Study
  • LEAP Project
  • CARDIA Study
  • Framingham Study
  • Investigating the social determinants of population health and well being is integrated intomy funded projects 
  • Enhanced HIV/STI Partner Notification in South Africa
  • Partnership for the next generation of social scientist to address the HIV epidemic in South Africa



  • Steve Buka

    Founding Chair , Professor of Epidemiology, Graduate Program Director

  • Alison Field

    Professor of Epidemiology and Pediatrics

  • Chanelle Howe

    Associate Professor of Epidemiology

  • Brandon Marshall

    Associate Professor of Epidemiology

  • Deborah Pearlman

    Associate Professor of the Practice, Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity Affiliated Faculty, Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute Affiliated Faculty