Brandon Marshall, PhD, Speaks at 2014 CHAART Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC

May 22, 2014

Brown University’s Assistant Professor Brandon Marshall presented “Unhealthy alcohol use and long-term drinking trajectories among HIV-infected male veterans who have sex with men” on May 15, 2014 at the 2014 CHAART Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC.  His data originates from infectious disease clinics of Veterans Health Administration (VA) healthcare centers in Atlanta, Baltimore, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Washington DC.  What his research concludes is that, “More than 1 in 10 HIV-infected men who have sex with men reported consistent, long-term unhealthy alcohol use.  Financial insecurity and concurrent illicit substance use may be targets for intervention to help address unhealthy alcohol use in this population.”  Dr. Marshall’s future research will investigate the lack of an association with depression and PTSD.  He will also investigate “trajectory membership with hospitalization, VACS index, mortality, etc.”

Dr. Marshall's research is funded by a U-24 from NIDA with Don Operario, PhD, as the Principle Investigator.