Doctoral Admissions Requirements

Students entering our PhD program come from diverse academic backgrounds. However, command of a certain basic body of epidemiologic knowledge is needed to access both courses and the scientific literature. Many students admitted directly to the PhD track will already possess a master’s degree, but this is not a requirement. If appropriate coursework has not been completed at the time of application, students should describe a plan for doing so. In some cases, the courses can be taken after admission.

Results from a recent GRE general test (within five years) are required. Subject tests are not required but may be submitted. The School of Public Health's GRE code is 7765MCAT and other related tests for professional schools cannot be substituted for the GRE. The Designated Institution (DI) Code for BUSPH is DI Code 7765.

TOEFL scores are required for students whose native language is not English, but may be waived for those who hold a bachelors or master’s degree from a US institution.

The Brown University School of Public Health will be adopting the SOPHASapplication system for the 2017 admissions cycle opening on August 18, 2016. SOPHAS is a centralized application service used by many of the accredited schools and programs in public health. 

The application deadline is December 15.