Master's Program

Master's Research Day 2017Master's Research Day 2017

The mission of the Master's of Epidemiology program is to launch the next generation of epidemiologists who will be integral to the design, conduct, and interpretation of population-based studies, and able to work at an exceptional level in academic, government, industry, or non-profit organizations.

Upon completion of the ScM program, students are expected to have proficiency in the following areas:

  • Conceptualization of different epidemiologic approaches to the understanding of the causes of health and disease in population-based research
  • Synthesis of existing literature in epidemiology
  • Experience in the design and conduct of epidemiologic studies
  • Sample size estimation for basic epidemiologic study designs
  • Analysis of data from epidemiologic studies using appropriate statistical methods
  • Effective communication of scientific findings 

The training is provided through coursework and the completion of a thesis. There is also the possibility for students to obtain a paid Research Assistantship. 

   Brittany Leclerc
    Administrative Coordinator
    Phone: (401) 863-6459

  Joseph Braun, PhD
    Master's Program Director and Assistant Professor


For inquiries regarding the Master's program, please e-mail