Master's Degree Requirements

Candidates for the Master of Science degree follow an integrated program of study comprising a minimum of 12 credits and a master's thesis. Of these 12 credits, students must complete at least 8 credits of didactic coursework. The remaining 4 credits may be fulfilled through a combination of didactic coursework, independent studies, and/or reading courses. Of the 8 classroom courses required, at least 4 will be epidemiology courses with substantial methodological focus and at least 2 others will be in biostatistics.

Master's students are also required to: a) take a noncredit introductory course on SAS data management, b) participate in the journal club series, c) take the noncredit Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) course, and d) complete Public Health 101.

Students may request that up to four related graduate/medical courses taken previously be counted toward the twelve course requirement.