Annual Reviews

Faculty being reviewed should provide their chairs with an updated CV and other relevant materials, including a statement describing their scholarship, teaching, and service activities. While Brown no longer requires a standard CV format, faculty may wish to consult the guidelines. Publications, manuscripts, teaching materials, and other scholarly materials, such as the faculty activity report, may also be submitted. While the due date for these materials will be determined by the department chair or center director, the department must have these in hand in time to complete and submit a draft review to this office by October 30. Department chairs should submit the draft and final reviews to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs.  After the annual review has been vetted by this office, it should be transmitted to the faculty member by the head of the academic unit by mid-November.

For more information regarding the annual review process listed in the Handbook of Academic Administration, please see Chapter 9-Annual Reviews.   Further information can be found on the Dean of Faculty's website.

Faculty members requiring reviews:

  • Tenure-track associate professors without tenure and tenure-track assistant professors should be reviewed annually.
  • Faculty members in their first year at Brown need not be reviewed during the current cycle. However, chairs/directors should meet with untenured faculty members at the end of their first year, to talk about progress and to provide informal advice in advance of the forthcoming annual review.
  • In years that the untenured faculty member is to be considered for reappointment, promotion, or tenure, that review may serve as a substitute for the annual review. To request this, the untenured faculty member should write to the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs ( and copy the department chair or center director by September 15. When the reappointment, promotion, or tenure case is complete, the chair should prepare a modified version of the review that can be shared with the faculty member.

The process:

  • The department(s) should ensure that faculty under review have been provided with the standards and criteria document for reappointment, promotion, and tenure.  In cases of joint appointments, the units should coordinate the review process.  If procedures for doing so were not specified at the time of initial hire, this office will work with the heads of the two units to ensure that input from both units is included.
  • The annual review of untenured faculty members will be conducted at a duly called meeting of the tenured faculty of the relevant unit(s). The tenured faculty will review the candidate's CV, statement, and any appropriate materials, such as teaching evaluations, class observations by peers, etc. The written review should present a description of the tenured faculty's assessment of the untenured faculty member's performance.
  • After the draft has been reviewed by this office, the head of the department or center will meet with the faculty member under review and present the final written review.  A copy of this written evaluation will be given to the untenured faculty member and will be kept on file in the department and in this office.
  • The untenured faculty member will be asked to sign a confirmation of receipt to verify that he/she received and read a copy of the annual review and discussed the annual review with the department chair. This statement will also confirm that the faculty member under review is familiar with the department's standards and criteria for reappointment and promotion.
  • The untenured faculty member may submit a written response to the annual review.  This response will be kept on file with the annual report itself and will be submitted with the dossier at the time of reappointment, promotion, or tenure review.
  • The final draft, confirmation of receipt, and written response (if any) from the candidate should be submitted by the department chair to this office by mid-November.  Department chairs will receive an email when the cases are created in the Interfolio system.