Faculty Incentives

The School of Public Health sponsors a Grant Incentive Program (GIP) for all tenure track faculty and those term faculty who have a portion of their salary guaranteed by the School.  Under this program, a percentage of the salary/fringe, which is offset by external funding from grants and contracts, is transferred to a flexible research reserve account that can be used for research and academic purposes.  External funding  DOES NOT include support from internal University funds or support for faculty time which is purchased by affiliated hospitals outside of a standard research contract with indirect costs. Faculty GIP accounts accumulate over budget years, but terminate if the faculty leave Brown. 

More details and examples (PDF)

When faculty have substantial research funding in the form of salary support, under some circumstances they may “buy out” of one of their two required courses.

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Tenured and tenure track faculty with 10-month appointments may receive compensation for up to two additional months of salary during the months of July and August. The summer salary is not part of the tenure guarantee, but may be supported with startup funds, grant incentive program (GIP) funds, other institutional funds or funds for sponsored research.

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