The Interfolio online applicant tracking and recruitment system allows you to collect, view and discuss application materials securely.

Getting Started

Start by selecting "Add New Position."  As you work your way through the position creation process, consult the Interfolio help page if you have any problems. For further assistance, please contact Interfolio's help center at 1.877.997.8807 or [email protected].

A few things to be careful of as you work through the process

  • Remember that comments made on a computerized system are on the record forever; while the administration will not read your comments, they are nonetheless a permanent record of search practices.
  • It is worth reminding search committee members that they can view application materials online by selecting any relevant applicants and clicking the "read" button.  This will reduce the number of sensitive documents downloaded to faculty computers.
  • You are requested to regularly update applicants' statuses.  These can be set so that applicants are not aware of status changes, but a log of status changes is an important part of Brown's federal diversity reporting requirements.