Postdoc Search

Faculty Position Authorization (FPA)


Search Plan

Sample Search Plan


Sample Advertisement

Recruitment Letter

Sample Recruitment Letter

Interim Pool Report

  • To be submitted once the committee has agreed upon a short-list of candidates for invitation to campus.
  • Submit an Interim Pool Report form by attaching it to Interfolio in the "Internal Notes" section of your search.

Interim Pool Report

Compliance Report

Once you have chosen your finalist you can submit the Hiring Report.

The Hiring Report should include the following:

  • Compliance Report
  • Final ranking of candidates
  • Justification of rankings including reasons for excluding candidates deemed to be below the bar
  • Minutes from relevant faculty meetings
  • Additional letters that have arrived since the Interim Pool Report

Compliance Report

Offer Letter

  • After all steps in the hiring process are completed.
  • Financial details of offer letters must be approved by the Associate Dean of the Faculty and the offer letter itself will be written by the Dean.

Closing the Search

  • After an offer has been accepted.
  • Add a closing date to your search in Interfolio, close the apply now page, close the position with the final candidate and finally change the status to "archive."