Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Search

Faculty Position Authorization (FPA)

Required Document: FPA

Job Description

Sample Job Description

Search Plan

Sample Search Plan


Sample Advertisement

Recruitment Letter

Sample Recruitment Letter


  • Leave the closing date blank
  • In the "Internal Notes" section, attach a copy of the search documents


Interim Pool Report and Compliance Report

  • Beginning in the summer of 2019, Brown is implementing a new system for diversity reporting. We will now ask that your file you diversity report via the website link below
  • When the search committee is ready to begin interviewing and has completed its Interim Pool Report, please click the link, click “view” next to the diversity report, and fill out the brief Diversity Report.
  • When the committee has finished its interviews and is ready to recommend making an offer, please go to the same web page and fill out the diversity report update.

Interim Pool Report and Compliance Report

Letters of Reference (senior candidates only)

Required Document: PHFA

Offer Letter

  • After all steps in the hiring process are completed.
  • Financial details of regular faculty offer letters must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty and the offer letter itself will be written by the Dean.

Closing the Search

  • After an offer has been accepted.
  • Add a closing date to your search in Interfolio, close the apply now page, close the position with the final candidate and finally change the status to "archive."