Tenure-Track Faculty Pre-Select

Chair Letter

Should include a detailed, written justification of the circumstances requiring hiring on a "pre-select" basis, including the candidate's credentials in the areas of research and (except in the case of research appointments) teaching.

Faculty Position Authorization (FPA)

Document required: FPA

Job Description

Sample Job Description


Sample CV

Letters of Recommendation

Documenting national/international prominence of the candidates research.

Senior candidates only

  • After you have chosen a finalist and before the candidate appears before¬†TPAC, please review the materials on¬†how to submit a dossier to TPAC.
  • Tenure evaluators for senior candidates must be vetted with Faculty Affairs before requests for references can be sent. Send a list of all prospective referees, making note of whether they were suggested by the candidate or the department to Faculty Affairs.

Document required: TPAC

Offer Letter

  • After all steps in the hiring process are completed.
  • Financial details of regular faculty offer letters must be approved by the Dean of the Faculty and the offer letter itself will be written by the Dean.