UNC Project Malawi 

Angela Bengtson, PhD, works with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which has been conducting HIV and STD research in Malawi since 1990 when it collaborated with the Malawi Ministry of Health (MOH) to provide technical assistance in the design of several clinical management guidelines for HIV and STDs. UNC has worked with the Malawi Ministry of Health in designing programs to control the spread of HIV and STDs, developing and testing country-specific STD guidelines, and facilitating care in STD clinics. UNC now provides free HIV testing and counseling to outpatients at KCH and provides staff to the Lighthouse HIV outpatient clinic at the hospital. Over the years, UNC Project has strived to help strengthen health systems in Malawi. Through a CDC funded laboratory strengthening grant, UNC Project has supported the Kamuzu central Hospital, Cobbe Barracks Hospital, Ntchisi and Dowa District Hospital laboratories. UNC Project also helped establish first Pathology laboratory services at KCH which are vital in cancer management.

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