Master's Program

The new Master’s in Global Public Health program builds on Brown’s longstanding global health research strengths and curricular excellence.

As with all educational programs in the School of Public Health, the program allows our students to learn public health by doing public health. Course work comes alive during an international fieldwork experience that fosters deep engagement and understanding of a global public health location; funding for the global health summer research experience is guaranteed. Academic and hands-on experiences culminate with a thesis project. Most full-time students complete the degree in two years, fulfilling the fieldwork requirement during the summer between academic years 1 and 2. The degree may also be completed on a part-time basis.

  • 12 courses, including 9 required courses and 3 electives (below)
  • 8-week international fieldwork experience
  • Thesis project
Sequence and Course Required/Elective Instructor
Semester 1 (Fall)    
PHP 2710 – Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability and Death in the Global South Required Stephen McGarvey
PHP 2730 – Including the Excluded: Global Health Ethics Required Caroline Kuo
PHP 2507 – Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis I Required Annie Gjelsvik

PHP 2120 – Introduction to Methods in Epidemiologic Research


PHP 2150 Foundations in Epidemiologic Research Methods (M)


2120 - Mark Lurie


2150 - Brandon Marshall​

Semester 2 (Spring)    
PHP 2720 – Implementing Public Health Programs and Interventions in the Global South  Required Jennifer Pellowski
PHP 2740 –  Learning Global Health by Doing Global Health Required Abigail Harrison
PHP 2508 – Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis II Required Annie Gjelsvik/Crystal Linkletter
1000- or 2000-level Course Non-SPH Elective TBD
Semester 3 (Fall) - Capstone Semester    
PHP 2750 – Communicating and Disseminating Global Public Health Research Required Don Operario
PHP 2760 – Critical Perspectives to Global Health Required Abigail Harrison
2000-level Course in Public Health SPH Elective TBD
1000- or 2000-level Course Non-SPH Elective TBD