Faculty Directory

Health Services, Policy, and Practice faculty are members of the Program in Public Health, home to several world-class research centers.  Students in HSPP have the opportunity to collaborate and conduct research with faculty at many of these centers.

Name Title Email Address
Nicole Alexander-Scott Assistant Professor


Susan Allen Professor Emeritus Susan_Allen@brown.edu

Andrew Artenstein

Adjunct Professor Artenstein@brown.edu
Annlouise Assaf
Adjunct Professor 
Ronald Aubert Adjunct Professor of the Practice Ronald_aubert@brown.edu
Rosa Baier
Associate Professor of the Practice 
Ethan Balk Associate Professor (Research) Ethan_Balk@brown.edu
Emmanuelle Belanger Assistant Professor  Emmanuelle_Belanger@brown.edu
Judith Bentkover
Professor of the Practice
Scott Berns Clinical Professor Scott_Berns@brown.edu
Richard Besdine
Bradley Brockmann Assistant Professor of the Practice Bradley_Brockmann@brown.edu
Aisling Caffrey Adjunct Assistant Professor Aisling.Caffrey@uri.edu
Shubing Cai
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kenneth Chay
Elizabeth S. Chen Associate Professor  Liz_chen@brown.edu
Megan Cole Adjunct Assistant Professor Megan_cole@brown.edu
Portia Cornell Investigator Portia_cornell@brown.edu
Susan Cu-Uvin Professor Susan_Uvin@brown.edu
Issa Dahabreh
Assistant Professor 
Lori Daiello Assistant Professor (Research) Lori_Daiello@brown.edu
Gildasio De Oliveira, Jr. Professor gildasio.oliveira@lifespan.org
David Dore
Adjunct Assistant Professor
David Dosa
Associate Professor
Gary Epstein-Lubow Associate Professor


Chanee Fabius Adjunct Assistant Professor Chanee_Fabius@brown.edu
Zhanlian Feng
Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Mary Fennell
Tim Flanigan Professor Tim_Flanigan@brown.edu
Mike Flores Research Associate Michael_Flores@alumni.brown.edu
Andrew Foster
Emily Gadbois Investigator Emily_Gadbois@brown.edu
Omar Galárraga
Associate Professor
Marie Ganim
Clinical Assistant Professor
Becky Genberg Adjunct Assistant Professor  Becky_Genberg@brown.edu
David Gifford
Clinical Associate Professor
Deidre Gifford
Clinical Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Goldberg Assistant Professor Elizabeth_Goldberg@brown.edu
Pedro Gozalo
Associate Professor (Research)
Stefan Gravenstein Professor Stefan_Gravenstein@brown.edu
Heather Hower Research Associate Heather_hower@brown.edu
Orna Intrator
Adjunct Professor
Rowan Iskandar Assistant Professor  Rowan_Iskandar@brown.edu
Hayley Jones Visiting Scholar
Nina Joyce Assistant Professor Nina_Joyce@brown.edu
Eric Jutkowitz Assistant Professor  Eric_Jutkowitz@brown.edu
Dennis Keefe Adjunct Lecturer Dennis_Keefe@brown.edu
Ewa King Assistant Professor of the Practice Ewa_King@brown.edu
Christopher Koller
Teaching Associate
Amit Kumar Adjunct Assistant Professor Amit_kumar@brown.edu
Alan Kurose Assistant Professor of the Practice G_Alan_Kurose@brown.edu
Michelle Lally Associate Professor Michelle_Lally_md@brown.edu
Joseph Lau Professor Emeritus Joseph_Lau@brown.edu
M. Bart Laws
Assistant Professor 
Emily Li Adjunct Assistant Professor Emily_Li@brown.edu
Julie Lima Investigator Julie_Lima@brown.edu
Albert Lo Associate Professor Albert_Lo@brown.edu
Robert Marshall
Clinical Associate Professor
Ellen McCreedy Investigator Ellen_McCreedy@brown.edu
James McDonald Assistant Professor of the Practice james.mcdonald@health.ri.gov
William McQuade Assistant Professor of the Practice william_mcquade@brown.edu
Michael Mello
Marissa Meucci Adjunct Assistant Professor Marissa_Meucci@brown.edu
Margaret McConnell Adjunct Assistant Professor mmcconne@hsph.harvard.edu
John McHugh Adjunct Assistant Professor John_McHugh@alumni.brown.edu
Edward Miller
Adjunct Professor
Susan Miller Professor  Susan_Miller@brown.edu
Whitney Mills Assistant Professor Whitney_Mills@brown.edu
Vincent Mor Professor, Florence Pirce Grant University Professor of Community Health Vincent_Mor@brown.edu
Chima Ndumele Adjunct Assistant Professor Chima_Ndumele@brown.edu
Patricia Nolan Adjunct Associate Professor Patricia_Nolan@brown.edu
Ana Novais Assistant Professor of the Practice Ana_Novais@brown.edu
Orestis Panagiotou Assistant Professor (Research) Orestis_Panagiotou@brown.edu
Christina Paxson Professor Christina_Paxson@brown.edu
Jonah Popp Investigator Jonah_Popp@brown.edu
Momotazur Rahman Assistant Professor  Momotazur_Rahman@brown.edu
Megan Ranney Associate Professor Megan_Ranney@brown.edu
Linda Resnik Professor  Linda_Resnik@brown.edu
Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez Assistant Professor Maricruz_Rivera_Hernandez@brown.edu
Jessica Roydhouse Adjunct Assistant Professor Jessica_Roydhouse@brown.edu
James Rudolph Professor  James_Rudolph@brown.edu
Jack Rusley Clinical Assistant Professor Jack_Rusley@brown.edu
Ian Jude Saldanha Assistant Professor  Ian_Saldanha@brown.edu
Ellen Salvatore Adjunct Associate Professor Ellen_Salvatore@brown.edu
Cara Sammartino Adjunct Assistant Professor Cara_Sammartino@brown.edu
Neil Sarkar Associate Professor Neil_Sarkar@brown.edu
Nishant Shah Assistant Professor Nishant_Shah@brown.edu
Angela Sherwin Assistant Professor of the Practice Angela_Sherwin@brown.edu
Renee Shield Clinical Professor Renee_Shield@brown.edu
Benjamin Silver Adjunct Assistant Professor Benjamin_Silver@brown.edu
Emilia Simeonova Adjunct Assistant Professor emilia.simeonova@gmail.com
Theresa Shireman Professor Theresa_Shireman@brown.edu
Stacey Springs Investigator Stacey_Springs@brown.edu
Dale Steele Professor Dale_Steele@brown.edu
Shailender Swaminathan Adjunct Assistant Professor Shailender_Swaminathan@brown.edu
Joan Teno Adjunct Professor Joan_Teno@brown.edu
Kali Thomas Associate Professor Kali_Thomas@brown.edu
Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler Assistant Professor Elizabeth_Tobin-Tyler@brown.edu
Mark Treat Assistant Professor of the Practice mark.treat@nalarihealth.com
Thomas Trikalinos Associate Professor Thomas_Trikalinos@brown.edu
Amal Trivedi Associate Professor Amal_Trivedi@brown.edu
Nisha Trivedi Adjunct Lecturer Nisha_Trivedi@brown.edu
Denise Tyler Adjunct Assistant Professor  Denise_Tyler@brown.edu
Margaret Van Bree Professor of the Practice mvanbree@lifespan.org
Corey Ventetuolo Assistant Professor Corey_Ventetuolo@brown.edu
Patrick Vivier Associate Professor Patrick_Vivier@brown.edu
Byron Wallace    Adjunct Assistant Professor Byron_Wallace@brown.edu
Anya Wallack Professor of the Practice Anya_Wallack@brown.edu
 Terrie Wetle
Professor Terrie_Wetle@brown.edu
Wendy White Adjunct Associate Professor Wendy_White@brown.edu
Ira Wilson Professor Ira_Wilson@brown.edu
Agustin Yip Clinical Assistant Professor agustin_yip@brown.edu
Tingting Zhang Assistant Professor  tingting_zhang@brown.edu
Andrew Zullo Assistant Professor  Andrew_zullo@brown.edu
Samuel Zwetchkenbaum Assistant Professor of the Practice samuel.zwetchkenbaum@health.ri.gov