Global Health Engagement

HSPP faculty and students are engaged in global health research in a number of different countries, including Mexico, Ghana, and South Africa. Below are some examples of this work.

Dean Fox Wetle and Professor Richard Besdine

Teaching and conducting research with Italian collaborators at the University of Padova Medical School has kept Dean Fox Wetle and Professor Richard Besdine globally engaged since the late 1990s. 
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Becky Genberg

A true HSR Road Warrior, Becky Genberg traveled with her young family for a year in Western Kenya as she worked to improve engagement in HIV testing.
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Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez 

Maricruz Rivera-Hernandez  traveled to Puerto Rico to discuss research findings in Mexico and Puerto Rico that suggest that Seguro Popular does not have a significant effect on preventative care.
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Omar Galárraga is finding the most cost-effective alternatives to improve health and well-being of Kenya's orphans, in collaboration with the AMPATH consortium in the NIH-funded 5-year extension of the Orphaned and Separated Children's Assessment Related to their Health and Well-Being study.
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Brianna Osetinsky 

The Global Mobility Graduate Fellowship through the Office of Global Engagement funded PhD student Brianna Osetinsky  to conduct research at AMPATH in Kenya for three months during the summer of 2015. 
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