PhD in Health Services- FAQs

Application deadline

Are GREs required?
Results from a recent GRE general test (within five years) are required for all programs, except the AB/MPH. Subject tests are not required but may be submitted. MCAT and other related tests for professional schools cannot be substituted for the GRE.

What is the average GRE score of applicants/What GRE scores are you looking for?
The GRE scores are interpreted in the context of the entire application. If scores on one or more parts are unusually low, it may be worth a brief explanation in the personal statement. There is no minimum score required.

Personal Statement
All applicants are required to submit a personal statement regarding their interests and/or intended areas of study. HSR does not have a specific essay question, nor is there a word count. 

What are the requirements for foreign applicants?
No special requirements for foreign applicants other than what is required of the Graduate School. However, our program does have a teaching requirement, which requires proficiency in spoken and written English. Proficiency must be demonstrated in an evaluation conducted at Brown

Are TOEFL scores required? Do TOEFL scores expire?
See the Graduate School policy. Foreign students who have a BS or MS from a U.S. university do not need the TOEFL, but should ask at least one native speaker of English to comment specifically on spoken and written English in the letter of recommendation. TOEFL scores submitted should be fairly recent.

What GPA are you looking for?
As with the GRE, the GPA is interpreted in context. We are looking for demonstrated excellence in courses, particularly those related to the proposed field of study.

How many applications do the programs receive? How many applicants are accepted?
The number of applications received and offers made varies from year to year; however, typically between five and ten offers will be made per program.

What type of coursework preparation do I need? What type of undergraduate degree do I need?
We do not require a specific type of undergraduate degree, and indeed we encourage applications from students with a variety of academic backgrounds.

Should I apply to the PhD or ScM program?
Students interested in pursuing a career in research should apply to the PhD program. Refer to program descriptions for further information.

Are there any circumstances under which the application fee can be waived?
Any U.S. citizen who demonstrates verifiable financial need may apply for an application fee waiver. To request a waiver, a student should email the School at Graduate_Fee_Waiver@Brown.edu, explaining his or her financial circumstances. If the request is denied, the application will be kept on hold until the application fee is paid. Please note: international applicants are not eligible for application fee waivers.

Do my letters of recommendation have to be written by professors?
Not necessarily, but the letter writers must be in a position to evaluate your academic performance in courses relevant to the proposed field of study. Letter writers for PhD program applicants should be able to assess the student's potential for conducting independent research.

Do any of the graduate programs in Public Health offer spring admission?
Not generally.

Is it possible to pursue a part-time program?
It is possible for the ScM program but discouraged for the PhD program.

How and when will I know if I am admitted?
Formal written notification is made by the Graduate School, usually in February or March.

What financial support is available to incoming students?
All PhD students are admitted with aid and are eligible for continuing aid pending satisfactory academic progress. Financial aid for ScM students is available in the form of research apprenticeships, partial tuition scholarships and student loans.

Is there funding for international students?
Yes, in the PhD program.

May admission to the graduate program be deferred?
Yes, a request for deferral of admission based on personal circumstances is considered on a case-by-case basis. Your place in the next year’s entering class is reserved; however, you must reapply through AMCAS.