Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

Pharmaceutical health services research is the application of the principles of epidemiology to study the use and effects of medications and other medical devices, generally in large populations.  Most studies examine the adverse events or therapeutic benefits of drugs or medical devices after products have been launched (post-marketing).  Such work is critical to overcoming the inherent limitations of pre-marketing studies and for supporting the most appropriate use of medications/devices with respect to safety and effectiveness.  

Multiple HSPP researchers, including Ira Wilson, Amal Trivedi and Vincent Mor use pharmacoepidemiologic methods and have active projects that focus on quality and cost questions related to prescription medications.  Theresa Shireman, a pharmacist with a PhD in Pharmacy-Economics, Preventive Medicine and Public Policy, joined the Department in the fall of 2015. Dr. Shireman has an active pharmacoepidemiology research program.