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Vicki Fung, PhD

Sept 18: Vicki Fung

Vicki Fung, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School presented on “Medicare Policy & Mental Health Care.”

Dr. Fung is a health services researcher whose research focuses on health care financing and policy, with a focus on insurance coverage and access to care for vulnerable populations, including those with serious mental illness. This research aims to identify approaches that can improve patient outcomes, while also lowering costs, by addressing the complex needs of patients who are at greater risk of facing financial and non-financial barriers to necessary medical care.

Kaplan and Greenfield

Oct 16: Joint Seminar: Kaplan and Greenfield

Sherri Kaplan, PhD and Sheldon Greenfield, MD of UC Irvine presented on “The integration of genomic, clinical severity and Patient Reported Complexity variables to predict treatment response and disease progression in early prostate cancer."

Dr. Kaplan is Assistant Vice Chancellor, Healthcare Measurement and Evaluation and Professor, UCI School of Medicine and Executive Co-Director, UCI Health Policy Research Institute.

Dr. Greenfield is Executive Co-Director, Health Policy Research Institute and Professor of Medicine, UCI School of Medicine.

Nov 13: Abigail Friedman

Abigail Friedman, PhD of Yale University presented on “Electronic Cigarettes: Risks and Regulations.”

Dr. Friedman is an assistant professor of public health (health policy) and an assistant professor in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies at Yale University. Her research focuses on the policy determinants of tobacco use and disparities therein, with the overarching goal of informing and facilitating evidence-based policymaking to improve population health and reduce inequality. 

2015-2016 Seminar Series


Emily F. Oster, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics and Associate Professor International and Public Affairs
Brown University

Lecture Title: "Diabetes and Diet: Behavioral Response and the Value of Health"


Julie Robison, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Connecticut
UConn Center on Aging

Lecture Title: "Connecticut's Money Follows the Person Demonstration: A Successful University - State Agency Partnership"