Pharmaceutical Health Services Research: Quality, cost and effectiveness of prescription drugs

Pharmaceutical health services research and pharmacoepidemiology involve applying the methods of epidemiology and other disciplines to study the uses, effects, and costs of medications and related treatments (e.g., medical devices), generally in large populations. Many studies in our department examine the intended and unintended effects of drugs or medical devices after products have been launched (post-marketing) and are being used by individuals outside of a randomized trial. Such work is critical to overcoming the inherent limitations of experimental studies and for supporting the optimal use of treatments. Geriatric pharmacoepidemiology and pharmaceutical health services research has been a major strength of the department, though there are many additional emerging areas. Core faculty actively working in this area include Issa Dahabreh, Lori Daiello, David Dosa, Stefan Gravenstein, Vincent Mor, Patience Moyo, Orestis Panagiotou, Theresa Shireman, Amal Trivedi, Ira Wilson, Tingting Zhang, and Andrew Zullo.

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