Research Matters: Shekinah Fashaw Selected to Speak at TED-style Symposium

Shekinah Fashaw


HSR doctoral student Shekinah Fashaw was selected to be a speaker at this year's Research Matters event. The event was held on Tuesday, April 9th from in Grant Recital Hall.

We are delighted that Shekinah's nomination was selected from among almost 200 nominations from submissions across the University. 

Research Matters 2019: Shekinah Fashaw presents "My Grandma Prefers her Home - Does her Health Agency?



This year 12 speakers were selected from a semi-final event with 20 speakers. The speakers for this year’s event - a “TED”-style symposium in which graduate students present their research - come from across the university, from humanities, social sciences, STEM, and public health. The goal is to highlight graduate student research, to mentor graduate students to develop strong presentations, and to leave students (and programs and the University) with videos that highlight them and their research projects. The videos will be ready to view online a week after the event.