Bora Youn


Bora Youn, a 2019 Program graduate in Health Services Research successfully defended her dissertation titled “Evaluating the Real-World Use, Effectiveness, and Cost of Cancer Therapies in Older Adults Using Routinely Collected Data,” and was featured in Providence Business News on January 5th, 2020.

Tell us about your time at Brown. What did you enjoy most about being a doctoral student here?

Collaborating with faculty members was the best part of my PhD experience at Brown. My mentors were incredibly generous with their time and provided full support and guidance. I truly enjoyed working with my mentors and learned a lot from them. In addition, I appreciate the collaborative and supportive culture in our department. My peers and coworkers at Brown inspired me by their works and talents; interacting with staffs and fellow doctoral students was always enjoyable.

What public health issues do you hope to address through your dissertation?

My dissertation examines the real-world use, effectiveness, and cost of novel cancer therapies in older adults with advanced cancer. Limited information is available to guide care for older adults with cancer because of their underrepresentation in clinical trials. The rising costs of cancer treatments are also creating a significant financial burden on the health care system. The goal of my dissertation is to understand the real-world impact of novel cancer treatments in older adults and to improve evidence-based cancer care in the United States.

What are your future plans now that you have finished your PhD?
I will be staying at the Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health as a postdoc until this summer.