Brianna Osetinsky: Kenya


As a PhD student, Brianna Osetinsky was funded by The Global Mobility Graduate Fellowship through the Office of Global Engagement to conduct research at AMPATH in Kenya for three months during the summer of 2015. 

"While there I developed culturally responsive costing tools for households and Charitable Children's Institutions caring for orphans and separated children. This costing survey will be used to determine the cost and cost-effectiveness of different care models for orphans and separated children. I also became involved in projects concerning Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) care and visited AMPATH HIV care centers, cardiology clinics and NCD mobile care and microfinance groups for rural areas. This experience provided the foundation for my planned dissertation work on HIV and NCDs as comorbidities, in continued collaboration with the researchers and clinicians at AMPATH." - Brianna Osetinsky



(Distributed June 10, 2016)