Omar Galárraga: Kenya


Omar Galárraga, Ph.D. is collaborating with the AMPATH consortium in the NIH-funded 5-year extension of the Orphaned and Separated Children's Assessment Related to their Health and Well-Being study, known as OSCAR 2.0. The study is following almost 3 thousand Kenyan orphans (ages 1 to 18 years at the beginning of the project), half of whom live in orphanages and the other half live with extended family members.  

The initial research showed that Kenyan orphans living in orphanages were healthier, physically and mentally, than those living with extended family. The new study will look into potential causes for this disparity as well as the cost effectiveness of each approach.

During May of 2016, Dr. Galárrraga, a health economist, met with the team members in Eldoret, Kenya to finalize the costing analysis instruments, train the data collection team, and conduct pilot interviews with key informants at orphanages and participating households.

(Distributed June 21, 2016)