Courses offered by IHI faculty

In 2007, Brown began to focus increasingly on International activities, establishing the Internationalization Initiatives with a series of working groups convened to review current activities and propose future directions in several domains. The Global Health Working Group convened to suggest ways in which research, curricular and service activities at Brown and our partnering institutions in less developed countries could be strengthened.

Through these efforts, we expect global health research and training opportunities to increase at Brown.

At the present time, numerous courses related to global health are offered at Brown.

For many undergraduates and graduate students, the initial exposure to courses in global health is PHP1070, Burden of Disease in Developing Countries.

PHP 1070 - The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries

PHP 1500 - Global Health Nutrition

PHP 1910 - Public Health Senior Seminar

PHP 2120 - Intro to Methods in Epidemiologic Research

PHP 2430 - Analysis of Population Based Datasets

PHP 2480 - Selected Topics in Global Health Economics

PHP1100  - Comparative Health Systems​

Brown University medical students can focus on global health through the Scholarly Concentration in Global Health.

MPH students can specialize in global health through the MPH Global Health Scholars Program.