Student Thesis

A selection of Student theses with Steve McGarvey 

PhD Theses

  • 2006, PhD, Epidemiology, Amara Ezeamama, "Polyparasite Helminth Infections, Anemia and Cognitive Impairment in School-Age Children", Chair of Committee 2005 PhD, Pathobiology, Christian Nixon, "A Population-Based Approach to Malaria Vaccine Candidate Identification". Committee Member.

MPH/MS Theses

  • 2008 MPH Thesis, Emory University, Kathryn Lafond, "A Coupled SIS Model of Schistosomiasis Transmission and Control in the Philippines".
  • 2008 MPH Thesis, Emory University, Meaghan House, "Association of Maternal Obesity, Socioeconomic Status, and Health Beliefs with Overweight among Samoan Children and Adolescents".

Undergraduate Theses

  • Marisa Roberts, 2008, Human Biology. "The Effect of Obesity on the Menstruation of Samoan Women".
  • Helen M. Lamphere, 2008, Development Studies, " The cultural context of obesity: Adolescents' perspectives on weight, diet, and exercise in American Samoa"