Hypertension Control and Retention in Care Among HIV-Infected Patients

Blood pressure chart

Multiple Brown University International Health Insitite Professors are coauthors on the recently published study contributing to the understanding of the impact of integrated care to the health care of HIV-positive patients with comorbid hypertension. 

Using a difference-in-differences design, they analyzed retrospective clinical records of 3603 patients with comorbid HIV and hypertension during 2009─2016 to evaluate the addition of chronic disease management (CDM) to an existing HIV care program. Outcomes were blood pressure (BP), hypertension control, and adherence to HIV care.

A chronic disease management program that co-locates concommunicable disease and HIV care shows potential to improve BP and retention in care.

Read the full paper here: Hypertension Control and Retention in Care Among HIV-Infected Patients: The Effects of Co-located HIV and Chronic Noncommunicable Disease Care