Identity Standards

Identity Standards

Style GuideStyle GuideThe School of Public Health mission statement is an important message as it communicates our purpose.  Our visual identity is equally important and must be communicated clearly and consistently.  The elements created on this site have been designed to assist you with upholding the standards of the Brown University School of Public Health.


Visual identity is the outward expression of who we are, what we do and our standards of excellence.  Your communications will project a unified look that mutually benefits our reputations.

The school of public health logo is a combination of the Brown University coat of arms, the word BROWN in the standard University style, and the name SCHOOL of PUBLIC HEALTH spelled out in the typeface "Minion". Together, these three elements, with the wording placed to the right of the coat of arms, form the primary Public Health School logo.

The size and position relationship of the coat of arms, the University name, and the public health school name is fixed and unbreakable, and should not be altered in any way. Departments and Research Centers should list their affiliation in a subordinate location to the logo. Digital artwork of the logo is available in various file formats from the at (401) 863-5776.

Please note: A “reverse” version of the logo is available for use on dark backgrounds. This version assures that the color combinations of the coat of arms remain consistent and that the rays of the sun in the crest remain light.

Downloadable Versions:



Reverse One-Color



Reverse Two-Color



Reverse Three-Color




Reverse Two-Color