Brown health policy researchers present at AcademyHealth

AcademyHealth, established in 2000, is the professional home and leading national organization for health services researchers, policymakers, and health care practitioners and stakeholders. Together with its members, AcademyHealth works to improve the health and the performance of the health system by supporting the production and use of evidence to inform policy and practice.

(Distributed June 15, 2016)

The 2016 Undergraduate Student Excellence Awards in Public Health

(L to R) Solis, Sepolen, Peters, Jiang, and Akande:

From biology to environmental science, from theater to neuroscience, the 2016 Undergraduate Student Excellence Award winners began their Brown careers with far flung interests. They all eventually found their way to public health, however, and became standouts among this year’s graduates.

(Distributed May 23, 2016)

Diversity & Inclusion Lecture: Private Sector Perspective from David Casey of CVS

The Brown University School of Public Health has begun the hard work of crafting a School-wide Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. David Casey, however, has been at this work for decades. As Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer for CVS Health, Mr. Casey is focused on ensuring that diversity and inclusion are embedded in CVS Health’s recruitment, talent development, performance management, and succession planning efforts.

(Distributed May 13, 2016)

LGBTQ Rights v. Religious Freedom Laws: An Open Forum Discussion

According to panelists at the LGBTQ Rights and Religious Freedom Laws: Open Forum Discussion hosted by Brown School of Public Health, stigma and bias that has resulted in ongoing conflict between LGBTQ rights and religious freedom laws must be combated through education that leads to understanding and acceptance.

(Distributed May 6, 2016)

Final Project Presentations: PHP2365 Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations

Before a room full of their classmates, along with visiting guest faculty from the School of Public Health and the Warren Alpert Medical School, the students in Professor Don Operario’s graduate level seminar presented their final projects on April 27. With topics ranging from mental health services available for LGBTQ students on college campuses, to the LGBTQ competence of Brown's Warren Alpert Medical School, the students worked alone or in groups to research topics relevant to sexual minority populations in the local community.

(Distributed May 2, 2016)

Diversity & Inclusion Lecture: Private Sector Perspective from David Casey of CVS

Friday May 6th
1:30-3:00 pm
Room 375 
School of Public hEalth
121 South Main St. 

As the Brown School of Public Health works to create a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, we welcome David Casey, Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer for CVS Health. Mr. Casey will share his professional experiences related to diversity and inclusion at CVS.

(Distributed April 27, 2016)

2016 Senior Thesis Presentations

MONDAY  4.18.16 Room 245
10:30 am  Gabrielle Goodrow  
An Exploration of Health-Related Implications of Chosen Family Relationships among LGB Older Adults and Elders

(Distributed April 15, 2016)

Perspectives from School of Public Health Alumni

There was a great turnout for the Alumni Panel on April 7th, as room 375 was full and included several prospective MPH students, who were visiting Providence and the School of Public Health for the MPH Open House held the following day. Six recent Brown MPH alums visited the School of Public Health and participated in a panel discussion, describing their current work, job search strategies, and career options. 

The MPH Alumni Career Panel on April 7th included the following panelists:

(Distributed April 11, 2016)
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