Perspectives from School of Public Health Alumni

There was a great turnout for the Alumni Panel on April 7th, as room 375 was full and included several prospective MPH students, who were visiting Providence and the School of Public Health for the MPH Open House held the following day. Six recent Brown MPH alums visited the School of Public Health and participated in a panel discussion, describing their current work, job search strategies, and career options. 

The MPH Alumni Career Panel on April 7th included the following panelists:

(Distributed April 11, 2016)

Global Health Researchers Return from South Africa

Brown University School of Public Health faculty, including Professors Mark Lurie, Abigail Harrison, and Caroline Kuo along with UCT faculty and fellows on retreat outside Cape Town, South Africa:

The Brown University School of Public Health's global health profile is growing. In addition to the many global health courses offered and the global health track which is open to Master of Public Health students, the School of Public Health is home to global health scholars like Stephen McGarvey, a renowned researcher who has spent decades studying food and nutrition in Samoa.

(Distributed April 8, 2016)

Brown School of Public Health celebrates National Public Health Week

Please join me in celebrating National Public Health Week – April 4-10, with the American Public Health Association goal of becoming the Healthiest Nation in One Generation — by 2030.  It is an exciting time to be a public health researcher, educator, practitioner, and student as we work to improve population health together.  I echo President Obama’s sentiments in his recently issued proclamation ; “By supporting health profes

(Distributed April 5, 2016)

Alumni Career Panel 4/7

This Thursday, April 7th is the second of three scheduled MPH Alumni Career Panels, each of which features Brown MPH alumni in a variety of positions and types of organizations in public health.  The MPH Alumni Career Panels will be held from 4:30 to 6:00 P.M. in room 375 on April 7th and April 12th.  This is a great opportunity for all public health students to become familiar with the diverse career paths within the field of public health.  All of the students who attended the first panel on March 24th were impressed with the panelists and the information t
(Distributed April 4, 2016)

Women's Health and Rights: A Matter of National Security? 4/14/2016

Jennifer Klein '87

Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton
Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law Center

"Women’s Health and Rights: A Matter of National Security?"

4:00-5:00 pm
Room 375 at the School of Public Health Building
121 South Main St., Providence, RI  

A reception will immediately follow the lecture. Both are free and open to the public.

(Distributed March 22, 2016)

Perspectives from School of Public Health Alumni

On Tuesday 3/22 six recent Brown MPH alums visited the School of Public Health to describe their current work, job search strategies, and career options with current students in a panel discussion. 

The MPH Alumni Career Panelists represented a wide array of Public Health career paths and employers: 

(Distributed March 16, 2016)

Operario appointed to APA minority affairs committee

As a profession and a practice, psychology frequently involves issues of particular concern to minority communities in the United States. With a new, three-year appointment to the American Psychological Association’s Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs, Don Operario, associate professor of behavioral and social sciences, will have a national voice on issues such as the care of minority patients and the professional diversity of the field.

(Distributed December 25, 2015)

Brown Experts Advise Governor’s Overdose Task Force

The statistics are startling. In 2014, 239 people in RI lost their lives to overdose, more than the number of homicides, motor vehicle deaths, and suicides combined. The problems of opioid dependence and accidental drug overdose have been growing for some time. And growing in direct relation to a dramatic increase in the amount of opioids prescribed. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of unintentional overdose deaths from prescription pain relievers has skyrocketed, more than quadrupling since 1999 in the United States.

(Distributed November 30, 2015)

College Rape Study Reveals Alcohol, Drug Use Pattern

Professor Kate Carey:

A woman's risk of being raped during college is highest during her freshman year, studies have shown. Now, researchers who want to understand which women may be at greatest risk of experiencing sexual assault while they are incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol during their first year say they have uncovered two factors linked with women’s risk of sexual assault.

(Distributed November 20, 2015)
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