Evidence Lacking about Breast Implant Safety

A review of more than 30 studies seeking answers about silicone gel breast implant safety finds that the studies don’t provide definitive evidence. The new paper may help inspire improved analyses of existing data as well as a new registry to provide better data.

(Distributed November 10, 2015)

Study Examines Sexual Minority Health Disparities

Health disparities research is a relatively new and growing field of study, and one that cuts across disciplines to examine differences in health and healthcare outcomes affecting diverse populations.  For an article that appears in the October issue of the American Journal of Public Health, several Brown University School of Public Health faculty members examined National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data to

(Distributed October 29, 2015)

High Dose Flu Vaccines Significantly Reduce Hospitalization Risk during Influenza Season

Stefan Gravenstein, MD, MPH:

In the largest nursing home study to date on the effect of high dose flu vaccine, researchers found that shots with four times the strength of standard flu shots significantly reduced the risk of being hospitalized during the influenza season. There was a 1.2 percent difference (19.7 percent versus 20.9 percent) in admission for the group that received the high dose vaccine compared to the one that received the standard dose vaccine. The findings were presented as a late breaking research presentation on Oct. 10 at the Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting in San Diego.

(Distributed October 13, 2015)

Gatsonis Winner of the American Statistical Association’s Long-Term Excellence Award

At the 11th International Conference on Health Policy Statistics at the Biltmore Hotel Oct. 7-9, 2015, Constantine Gatsonis, chair of Brown University’s Department of Biostatistics , delivered the plenary talk and received the group’s Long-Time Excellence Award. More than a dozen Brown University faculty members and students presented during the three-day event.

(Distributed October 13, 2015)

Can mindfulness help patients stay in treatment?

Brown University researchers will lead a multi-institutional set of studies examining whether mindfulness interventions are effective in helping patients stick with medically recommended lifestyle changes.


(Distributed September 16, 2015)

Mobile produce program gets rolling in Rhode Island

On Friday, Sept. 11, 2015, political and community leaders will join researchers from Brown University and the Rhode Island Public Health Institute to launch “Food on the Move Rhode Island,” a program that will bring affordable healthy fruits and vegetables to low-income, underserved residents in neighborhoods across the state including Providence, Woonsocket, Central Falls, Pawtucket, West Warwick, and South County.


(Distributed September 16, 2015)

IOM assesses program for low-income kids with mental disability

A Social Security program that supports low-income children with disabilities is not overserving the estimated need, but may be underserving it. Those are main conclusions from a new Institute of Medicine report co-authored by Brown University epidemiologist Stephen Buka.


(Distributed September 16, 2015)
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