Mission & Values

The mission of the MPH program is to preserve and enhance the health and well being of human populations by preparing graduates in the knowledge, skill, and analytic capabilities required to 1) advance the principles and practice of public health; 2) enter public health careers at the local, state, and national levels with the skills necessary to assume leadership roles; and 3) uphold and foster an ethic of social responsibility which recognizes the value of equal opportunity for health and well being among all and which respects individual, family and community values.

The key values of the Brown MPH Program are to preserve and enhance the health and well being of human populations by integrating knowledge, skills and data to advance public health. The focus of this mission is the promotion of physical and mental health, and prevention of disease and disability, through the development of new knowledge relevant to public health, the teaching and application of that knowledge, and the translation of data and research findings into information to be used in public health policy and practice.

The key concepts of public health upon which this program is based, include:

  • a primary focus on the health of populations
  • a robust grounding in interdisciplinary science
  • a strong focus on health promotion and disease prevention, especially primary prevention
  • a recognition of the important linkages among government, academe and other entities
  • a respect for the many cultures encompassed in the populations served

Ethical concerns and issues addressed by the program include:

  • respect for autonomy and individual dignity
  • beneficence and working for the common good
  • balancing the common good and population health with rights of individuals
  • social justice and the equitable allocation of benefits and burdens
  • advocacy for the interests of populations, particularly those who are vulnerable, powerless or burdened
  • professional ethics and the appropriate uses of trust
  • responsibilities and rights of public health agents
  • human rights
  • application of national and international codes of ethics

The key values, concepts and ethical principles upheld by the MPH Program emerge in multiple aspects of the program, with an intentional integration into coursework, case studies, community internships and data gathering and analysis.