Global Health Concentration

The mission of the Global Health Concentration is to develop public health professionals who are experts in issues related to global health. Global health research and training focus on health inequalities within communities and populations and across populations throughout the world. Global health thus focuses on domestic and international health inequalities, and is not about crossing borders but bridging health inequalities with scientific evidence of etiology and prevention.

Global Health Concentration Specific Competencies

  • Evaluate the population health measures of a specific global health a) infectious disease, or closely related disease, and b) a non-communicable disease (NCD) in a specific low and middle-income country (LMIC), or region, or in a resource poor defined population.          
  • Apply a health equity framework to a specific global public health issue. 
  • Evaluate best practices for establishing global research collaborations. 
  • Analyze strategies for implementing rigorous ethical approaches to research with vulnerable populations and conduct of global research.
  • Ensure intervention designs are both culturally appropriate, reflecting the needs within resource-constrained settings, and have sufficient rigor to provide quality evidence. 
  • Apply an implementation science theory, model, or framework to the development of a research study to test an implementation strategy in a global setting. 
  • Develop an inventory of multi-disciplinary programs, initiatives, organizations, and policies that contain key interventions to address global health inequalities.
  • Design, write, and present a health brief reporting research findings from global health research.

Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2020 should click here.

Students in the Global Health Concentration should complete the following course for the Interventions core requirement:

  •  PHP2720, Implementing Public Health Programs and Interventions in the Global South (Fall)

Global Health Concentration Courses

Complete all of the following concentration courses:

  • PHP2710, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Disability and Death in the Global South (Fall)
  • PHP2730, Including the Excluded: Global Health Ethics (Spring)
  • PHP2740, Learning Global Health by Doing GH (Spring)
  • PHP2760, Critical Perspectives in Global Health (Fall)

Complete one of the following courses:

  • PHP1100, Comparative Health Systems (Fall)
  • PHP1854, Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Spring)
  • PHP1920, Social Determinants of Health (Fall)
  • PHP1964, Cancer Epidemiology (Fall)
  • PHP2018, Epidemiology of Cardio-Metabolic Health (Spring)
  • PHP2030, Clinical Trials Methodology (Fall)
  • PHP2040, Survey Research Methods (Spring)
  • PHP2060, Qualitative Research Methods (Fall and Spring)
  • PHP2220F, Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology (fall)
  • PHP2220H, HIV Epidemiology 
  • PHP2300, Behavioral Research Methods (Fall)
  • PHP2340, Behavioral and Social Science Theory for Health Promotion  (Fall)
  • PHP2355, Designing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions (Fall and Spring)
  • PHP2365, Public Health Issues in LGBT Populations (every other Fall)


Sample Schedule MPH Global Health Concentration -  qualitative focus - Fall Epi

Sample Schedule MPH Global Health Concentration -  qualitative focus - Spring Epi

Sample Schedule MPH Global Health Concentration -  quantitative focus - Fall Epi  


Global Health Concentration Lead

Abigail Harrison, PhD, MPH
[email protected]