Interdisciplinary Concentration

A great emphasis of the Brown MPH Program is to empower students to engage in the design and implementation of their educational experience. Students in the Interdisciplinary Concentration work with advisors to develop their individual path within public health. Students in the Interdisciplinary Concentration will develop an individualized educational plan to gain the competencies required for their path in public health. This will include identifying the focus of the Interdisciplinary studies for that student, be that a content area (for example Maternal and Children Health, Aging, Mental Health, HIV, etc.) or methodologic focus (advanced methods in public health research/evaluation, etc.).

Interdisciplinary Concentration Competencies

Students work closely with advisors on writing at least 5 specific competencies for the courses selected for their Interdisciplinary Concentration, beyond the core MPH competencies. Students identify how they will meet the competencies through activities such as formal coursework, independent studies, internships, and thesis work.

Students who matriculated prior to Fall 2018 should click here.

Interdisciplinary Concentration Courses

Students in the Interdisciplinary concentration must identify 5 courses that are appropriate for their individualized plan. 

Approval of Concentration Plan

The initial plan should be submitted to the Concentration Lead and then to the MPH Program Director in the fall of the first year for approval. Students can continue to refine the plan in the second year, with substantive changes approved by the Concentration Lead and MPH Program Director.

Interdisciplinary Concentration Lead

Deborah Pearlman, PhD
[email protected]